The difference every day makes…

Around this time last year I watched a few insta friends as they took to the streets snapping photos for the @24hourproject.

Could I do that? No way. a. I would need to ask people if I could snap them (remember I am a shy introvert). And b. I’m a photo-taking hack, not a photographer.

Fast forward a year and a I’ve taken a whole lot of photos. I have built some confidence after helping Zoë with her One Girl fundraiser. That fundraiser showed me that one of the reasons I keep my life simple is so that I can jump on board when something I care about crosses my path.

So, when this year’s project came up and it turned out that I would be in Dublin on my own for the weekend and a little gentle encouragement from Rachael aka @thebowerbirdgirl (an actual real street photographer), I signed up.

It would have been easy to say no but what an adventure I would have missed out on. I’m not sure how it happened but I adopted the persona of Fran the street photographer. I actually thought I was one, maybe I really was.

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Where my heart is…

Oh Ireland, you are lovely as your seasons change.

February has breezed through (sometimes howled) and with it new learnings, adventures, family visits, a change of season and the arrival of ‘The Travelodge’.

In the background a little niggle, some uneasiness. Something is shifting, in part the season and definitely me. I’m changing, adjusting.

March is now upon us and the shift is slowly unfurling and we’re in Spring, full blown Spring.

A layer of clothing has been shed and we’re surrounded by daffodils and blossoms. The tiny buds are appearing on those big, strong, bare winter trees.

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Little things…



Oh how I love little things.

I simplify in steps, small steps and it’s pretty darn good when those steps add up to giant strides. These past few weeks I’ve been simplifying just a little more, mostly with stuff.

Less stuff means less and less of those little jobs can hide. There is still the box of photos to sort and the baby albums that need creating but I’m getting closer…there’s not a lot in the way now. Most of the storage cupboards and shelves are empty.

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Some things slide…


“Focus on moments, more than goals, plans or dreams. Certain moments in your life create in you strongly positive emotions—let’s call these “strong-moments. Not all moments are strong-moments—some moments spark negative emotions, while some don’t spark any emotions at all. But when you do experience a strong moment, it is authentic.” Markus Bingham

“These happy women… realised that balance was impossible (and therefore stressful) to achieve, but also rather boring. Instead, they “tilted” towards activities and commitments they liked and found meaningful.” Markus Bingham

I’ve had a few of these strong moments in the past few weeks as I tilt through my days. Those a-ha moments when you feel connected.  Sarah Wilson explains tilting as “…a positive flow forward…a moving ‘with’ life.”

I’ve always loved the idea of finding my flow and allowing myself to go with it. I share my life with my husband and 4 children. They are my world, but I’ve always known that I need to keep a little of myself for me. Allowing myself to tilt towards imbalance means I can nurture not just my family but also the things that make me tick, warm my soul and that keep me in my heart space.

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