Little steps…


When the lurgy lingers there isn’t much you can do with little people other than cuddle on the couch.

This week between the cuddles I managed a big tick off my background list. You know the one, not the day to day list but the one with the jobs you want to get to. The fixing, selling, sorting, framing, cleaning or whatever of something.

I finally finished digitising our CD collection and there they are boxed up and ready for drop off (sigh of accomplishment – aaah).

It’s been a nostalgic walk back time. The music I played through break ups, the songs┬ásung out of tune while driving on ‘p’ plates with my best friend, uni days, holidays, concerts and the past 20 years of my life with Greg. Although once the kids arrived, new music interests and purchases seemed to have stalled, or do the wiggles count?!

I haven’t stopped listening to music since I started this little project and I couldn’t be happier. Good for the soul I say, music on repeat.

I don’t feel sad parting with the physical cd’s, the music easily available now and I’ll listen to it more often.

Listening to the music is where the memories and the feelings are, not from owning the little square plastic covered discs.

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