Before yes there was no…

“The mind is a beautiful thing because of the paradox.

It uses itself to understand itself.” ~ Adam Elenbass

Space, is a wonderful thing. Once you find it, it’s not something you want to let go of.

For me when there is space there is quiet, clarity, and in turn, peace. Delicious peace.

It’s not always sunny, but storms are easier to weather when there is calm.

The greatest lesson in finding simplicity I can share is to learn to simply say no…because when you do that enough you can then begin to say yes to what matters, to what makes your heart sing.

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The dust settles…

It’s been 4 week since we’ve left Australia and isn’t it amazing what can happen in 4 whole weeks, a complete lifestyle change. As the dust settles, and the honeymoon euphoria of moving overseas dials down a few notches, best I start thinking about this space and jot some things down. It can be all to tempting to just throw a picture up on Instagram but this is really my journey space.

I’ve started this post a number of times but I wasn’t sure what I wanted to say, a few false starts. I’ve never had a real plan for this or my previous blog, it’s always just come along with me on the ride. A space to debrief, mostly with myself and if holds meaning for others then that’s awesome.

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A delicious day…


This year I decided would be a little different for me. I would follow what made my heart sing and take a road that is less about control and more about creative living.

Since taking on the I quit sugar program a couple of times I’ve become quite interested in fermenting and its benefits for gut health.

It’s been a year of short courses and earlier this year my sister and I booked into to the Introduction to Fermentation course at Buena Vista Farm.

I’d been following Fiona on Instagram for a while and had been dreaming of visiting her gorgeous farm and learning from this incredible lady of the sustainable food revolution.

It was a delicious, inspired day.

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It’s happening…



If you followed my old blog you would know that I had this little, (BIG) dream. I wondered if we could get down to a suitcase each and find the freedom to get on the road with our kids.

Over the past few years we’ve simplified the stuff, the commitments, the debt, the wants, the needs, the priorities, the expectations and along the way we’ve done a whole lot of connecting, learning, travelling, slowing and growing.

It’s been quite a transformational time and at the same time not so transformational. I’m just back to myself…the self that got a bit lost under the stuff, the adulting and the 10 years of having children. Same me, just a better version, living closer to my values.

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Little things…



Oh how I love little things.

I simplify in steps, small steps and it’s pretty darn good when those steps add up to giant strides. These past few weeks I’ve been simplifying just a little more, mostly with stuff.

Less stuff means less and less of those little jobs can hide. There is still the box of photos to sort and the baby albums that need creating but I’m getting closer…there’s not a lot in the way now. Most of the storage cupboards and shelves are empty.

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Breathing out the stuff…


A few days home from our road trip and slowly things are getting back to zero.

The starter’s been fed and the process of sourdough begins.

The milk kefir grains are working their special magic, oooh I missed my morning milky good bugs.

The children have returned to school and I have time to ponder, quiet time I treasure.

Slowly, slowly, always slowly.

Still many things to do but with enough time to enjoy each day and enough white space to ensure a little clarity.

I’m better at that now, pulling back if I start moving too far forward. My tendency is to think ahead…

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