The clutter and me…

IMG_8288 (1)

I took this picture yesterday (warning: don’t look that close).

I was in my heart space, completely and utterly.

My little garden had given me the inspiration for the day.

I’d managed to read a little, a new meal was on the stove with beans from the garden and my parenting was gentle.

The day was calm and I was feeling the kind of gratitude that I want to feel in my days.

I’d found these little alphabet pasta letters in the pantry and the boys were making a postcard, colour was called for so we added lentils.

As I was pottering around the kitchen, in a world of bliss, thinking there is nowhere else I’d rather be, the littlest guy says…”MUM! there are slugs in the letters”. 

“WHAT” – and “yes, there are definitely slugs in the pasta”, at first I thought oh god they’re maggots.

But then I recalled seeing the odd tiny moth about. A quick google search revealed that we did in fact, have a ‘Pantry Moth Infestation’. 

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Unplanned time…

Recently I’ve been moving a little more and hanging out in a morning exercise class run by a school mum.

It’s outdoors in the park, kids are welcome and there are the nicest mums to chat and coffee with.

It’s been good for me. It warms me up for the day, releases some endorphins, the air is fresh and it’s a nice social connection.

Sometimes, it’s easy for me to potter on my own a little longer than I should, or choose solo pursuits.

This morning 3 of the 4 children are sick at home so a home day for us, no class for me.

No doubt cabin fever will set in and the house will be turned upside down, clean things will become filthy and there will be squabbles.

It is what it is so I may as well surrender to the day.

Abundance: a very large quantity of something.

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Pockets are useful…

Especially pockets of time.

This weekend my rhythm has been in the kitchen.

Little bags filled with muffins have been frozen for the next few weeks of school lunches.

For a little bit I won’t need to hastily bake or be tempted to fill the lunch boxes with convenience food.

No doubt these new pockets of time will be filled, or not filled, the beauty is in the creation of time.

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Today I chose…


To lie in bed a little longer, resisting the urge to turn on my phone, and  I read.

To linger even longer and enjoy snuggles with my littlest while I drank my coffee.

To say yes when he disappeared and then reappeared with a book for me to read, even though I wanted to continue reading my own book.

To lie back and listen as my third child joined us in the bed and the two little boys nattered about what they’d choose.

To create the breakfast they had chosen from the book, (delightful husband cooked).

To tell delightful husband I love him.

To eat 2 pancakes instead of one.

To remind myself of the places reading can take you.

To act with intention.

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The sweetness of…


A day with only one committed hour.

Little (and big) people singing to themselves, lost, exactly where they should be, in play, in thought.

A fresh loaf of sough dough with the most delicious lashing of real butter.

A freshly brewed coffee, shared, sitting with my love, talking, and not talking.

Taking the time to read an extra book to the littlest.

Random hugs, couch snuggles.

Giving my boy an extra hug, 12 can be confusing, hugs show him he’s not alone, I‘m right here.

My first perfect brew of lemon and ginger water kafir to share over dinner.

Finding yourself in the most creative of spaces and loving where it’s taking you.

Having the time to completely surrender to that space.

The freshest of produce in the fridge, to be cooked and shared over this slow weekend.

Right here, right now.


When a little project coming to fruition…

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Porridge, delicious porridge


The leaves have fallen, the days are shorter, the morning chill requires an extra layer…and yet the sun still shines.

‘Endless Summer’ I’m hearing that a lot. My neighbour calls it an Indian Summer, he says that’s what his grandparents called it (not so PC now).  Shakespeare even referred to it as the ‘All Halloween Summer’.

However you refer to this warm autumn, the winter is coming, I know, I feel it. I’m not sure I did last year, I was a little more pre occupied then. I was learning to slow down but still not quite in the moment.

In my house there’s less daylight, less energy, more sleep required and a yearning to huddle close to home. It feels like a time to create and surround ourselves with warm, winter food.

I’m not a natural cook. To be honest, I can be daunted by cooking, but I’m choosing to show up here. I’m nervous about my kids eating processed foods, even ‘healthy’ supermarket cereals have so many ingredients that I don’t even know how to pronounce.

Just maybe I can slowly create myself a little cook book here. I like recipes, and I love real life stories so here I’m writing a little of both.

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