The Holy Grail…



“Let yourself gravitate to the writers who attract you, pull you in, because their work is showing you something of yourself. Let yourself imitate them, until you notice those spaces where you can’t help but do something different. In those spaces, you start to make your own voice.” – The fabulous Justine Must.

That is conscious consuming right there. For me it’s a pull towards the voices of brave, honest women sharing their stories and seeking their truths. Women who want to make a difference be it food, environment, each other, lifestyle, travel, adventure all while choosing their own path and using their hearts. Living creatively.

Writing, well that’s conscious contributing, to yourself, the people in your life, those who read your words and one day if you keep at it, to what matters. All the voices count.

Today I took another step towards finding my voice and contributing to a conversation that I think matters.

I’m going to quote myself here.

“Adventure with kids is about having fun, stepping out of the routine, [developing skills] and spending time together. It’s about instilling a lifelong passion for the outdoors and the real world while creating an opportunity to experience quiet and stillness in their increasingly busy lives”

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The dust settles…

It’s been 4 week since we’ve left Australia and isn’t it amazing what can happen in 4 whole weeks, a complete lifestyle change. As the dust settles, and the honeymoon euphoria of moving overseas dials down a few notches, best I start thinking about this space and jot some things down. It can be all to tempting to just throw a picture up on Instagram but this is really my journey space.

I’ve started this post a number of times but I wasn’t sure what I wanted to say, a few false starts. I’ve never had a real plan for this or my previous blog, it’s always just come along with me on the ride. A space to debrief, mostly with myself and if holds meaning for others then that’s awesome.

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Raising Global Citizens


“All we have to do is decide is what to do with the time that is given to us” – unknown.

In choosing a life of simplicity my thinking is constantly challenged. Food, clutter, environment, sustainability, creativity, schooling, fash rev, parenting, travel, oh yes, it’s never dull in my mind! It’s what I love the most about a more minimalist approach to life. There is time to think and discover alternatives to the status quo while considering what really matters and then the clarity to act. This kind of clutter free mind-time has been a great gift.

When I’m trying to make a decision sometimes I need to ride it out, give myself some space to allow my thoughts to process, and to also accept that there is often discomfort when challenging thoughts and behaviours. However, in time, the magic appears, the dots that need joining become clear and the path to action seems simpler. Continue Reading

Little steps…


When the lurgy lingers there isn’t much you can do with little people other than cuddle on the couch.

This week between the cuddles I managed a big tick off my background list. You know the one, not the day to day list but the one with the jobs you want to get to. The fixing, selling, sorting, framing, cleaning or whatever of something.

I finally finished digitising our CD collection and there they are boxed up and ready for drop off (sigh of accomplishment – aaah).

It’s been a nostalgic walk back time. The music I played through break ups, the songs sung out of tune while driving on ‘p’ plates with my best friend, uni days, holidays, concerts and the past 20 years of my life with Greg. Although once the kids arrived, new music interests and purchases seemed to have stalled, or do the wiggles count?!

I haven’t stopped listening to music since I started this little project and I couldn’t be happier. Good for the soul I say, music on repeat.

I don’t feel sad parting with the physical cd’s, the music easily available now and I’ll listen to it more often.

Listening to the music is where the memories and the feelings are, not from owning the little square plastic covered discs.

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