My little space to share.

A little journal like.

Gentle by intention.

A lot heartfelt. 

A place to reach for a kinder life.

A space to connect with likeminded souls. 

I love serendipitous moments and synchronicity, it’s good flow.

I think karma matters. 

Always fighting the consumerist culture and buying less.

More about creativity than control.

Working towards a more sustainable existence.

Love food. Particularly local and seasonal.

I’ve been sharing my life with my dry humoured partner for the past 20 years and our 4 children.


Other online work:

  • I’ve contributed at She Went Wild about our love of adventuring with children. Here.
  • Earlier in the year I had a conversation with Brydie Piaf about our journey towards our slow travel European motorhome adventure. Here.

We support One Girl charity.