My little space to share.

A little journal like.

I love everything about slow living. Life goes fast, there’s no need to rush. 

We haven’t quite gotten on top of the travel bug and will be spending 2017 a little nomadically across Europe.

You’ll find us under a waterfall or in the mountains not in theme parks. I still love a lonely planet travel guide and am partial to a paper map. 

I love serendipitous moments and synchronicity, it’s good flow. I think karma matters. 

Fighting the consumerist culture and buying less.

More about creativity rather than control.

Working towards a more sustainable existence.

Love food. Particularly local and seasonal.

I try hard to unplug the kids and keep them outside for a host of reasons. I’ve written about it for She Went Wild (link below).

I’ve been sharing my life with my dry humoured partner for the past 20 years and in that time we’ve added 4 children to our family.


Other online work:

  • I’ve contributed at She Went Wild about our love of adventuring with children. Here.
  • Earlier in the year I had a conversation with Brydie Piaf about our journey towards our slow travel European motorhome adventure. Here.

We support One Girl charity.