Where the energy goes …

I thought … perhaps, I could write about life here and tell the adventure story I want to write over at Slower Family Travels. So in the past few days I’ve given them both some energy and attention. How I loved revisiting this site with its pre this time in my life vibe. It was so gentle. I was so gentle!

When I started Slower Family Travels I was high on save the world energy and planning my One Girl walk. High under the influence of some awesome big world changers and I was ready to make some serious impact. I didn’t need to go gently then. I needed bold and fierce.

And now it’s flipped and I need crave gentle. Gentle, calm and quiet plodding. Maintaining high vibe change the world energy is not in my capacity right now. But as much as I enjoyed playing here I can’t maintain two blogs so back to sleep Gentle Intention goes.

I will take the gentle vibe with me over to SFT though. After playing with both sites it is clear to me that my writing still fits over there now. It is where I am going to birth a new passion project. The Sunday Edition.

When you’re missing something a treasured friend once told me you have to create it. Create the community you’re missing. So I am going to create a good news story, and a new story for me via The Sunday Edition.

And hopefully I’ll build strong community along with it. If that sounds like something you’re interested in I’ll meet you over there.

Fran xx

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