The new season..

I have written a lot here in the past few months.

A lot of heart and a soul has been shed here.

I’ve talked about transition and finding a fit, timing of opportunities and seasonal change.

Suddenly if feels like the season has changed.

I am no longer the same person I was when I started this blog. 

At that time I was in a different space.

I was coming out of a simplicity journey and stepping into a life that reflected my values.

It has been a wonderful journey.

I realised that crazy dream of campervanning across Europe. Can you imagine?

I wrote that as a pipe dream in 2015 with no expectation that it would ever happen.

Yet it did.

I closed down ‘The Simplicity Journey’ to start this blog and at times I felt sad that I did that as it was part of the journey.

I’m not sad now. I did it – if felt right. That blog was so raw and it was the first time that I had written anything that I felt (out loud).

I don’t regret it. I have a couple of wonderful people in my life because of that blog.

It seems I have started a new blog! One that is calling me more.

Funny isn’t it. Just as this blog gains traction I am moving on.

That is me though.

This space taught me so much and was a place to talk and share slow living but I’m not sure that is where my heart is now.

I still live in the slow lane but I don’t want to stay the same. I want to move into the future. That is what I do.

This journey here may actually be complete.

I won’t close it down like ‘The Simplicity Journey’ and I may come back. I’ll never say never.

I am connected to all of the wonderful people who comment here so we’ll speak on IG or over at my new blog.

You have all helped me in these past months by listening to me and reading my words as I worked out the path I wanted to take and how I would take it.

I do want to put my heart into my Camino Frances adventure. I want to combine charity, travel and adventure.

All the minimising, slow living, re-evaluating priorities and the creation of space has led me to this place.

I think I have found a way to do it quietly in my own way. I can still live small but with big love. I feel strong and sure in my own self and it is time to do something for others.

I’ll keep a daily diary on Slower Family Travels to document this journey and I hope that will satisfy my need to share feelings (if not I’ll be back).

So I guess I feel like I am moving away from this place for now and into the next chapter.

It’s hard to stay in two places at once and my Camino Frances project will take me into May next year. I need to give my best self to that.

Thanks for being here and if this is where we part ways enjoy the journey because that is always the best bit.

Lastly to my friend Brydie who inspired the first post of this blog (below) when I didn’t even know her, the words still seem perfect. Thank you dear friend.

“What I need, I already have, and in abundance too. I was reminded of this once by the words of cityhippyfarmgirl. A simple truth that has stuck with me until I was ready to embrace it.”

I’m ready to hit the trail in a new way.

Fran xx
P. S. If you want to come on the Camino journey see you at Slower Family Travels.




4 thoughts on “The new season..

  1. What a wonderful thing it is to witness another person’s metamorphosis, this one perhaps not externally as dramatic as others, where you’ve shed the accoutrements of a life in one place, though the views have certainly changed. I think it is glorious to know that you feel sure and strong in your shoes, a little hinds feet on high places for those that might get the reference.

    Climb on Fran, walk on, and always, always look up!


    • I did nearly say I’m ready to fly 🦋 but then I’m a mountain goat 🐐 so the trail reference seemed more apt.

      I do feel ready to fly courageously for a little while into this new story that I need to write. Then I will probably return here where it’s so lovely and quiet – like a little country retreat for deep thoughts.

      So glad we’ve met through words and stuff we’ve made.

      I haven’t read A little hinds feet in high places. Should I?

      F x


  2. I will miss your words and thoughts in this space, but I will continue to follow your new adventure.
    Cheers Kate

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