Life is full of seasons.

If we miss a season, it will come back.

There’s another chance, it’s called patience.

This to me this is the essence of slow living.

To embrace time.


A simple word.

Sitting still in it.

Loosing yourself to the moment.

Noticing the natural cycles.

Feeling our own natural cycles.

Presence is how we feel time.

It’s how I invite peacefulness in my day.

Whether we are singing to the tunes in the car (for me cycling with music in my ears alone, on bike path – don’t worry), preparing or enjoying a meal, washing our 1,000th load of washing, working, reading a book or enjoying some window gazing.

Some moments are easier than others, of course.

Finding the moments to feel time when we’re truly in that moment – to be free enough to daydream.

Daydreaming is my meditation. I have a wandering mind.

Slow doesn’t mean doing nothing.

Last night I started Karate (to feel fire), to use my mind to be precise, to challenge myself to remain fearless (on my terms) and to keep it a little wild. Trying new things gives me new perspectives and it’s a step towards building strength for my Camino challenge. 

Plus Japanese’y things seem to be popping into my life. You know I like to honour the signs. 

It complements the hours I enjoy in pure silence – writing, or, on the trail hiking (feeling gentle). The hours which allow my mind to reflect and make sense of what I see and feel.

Yin and Yang.

A lesson I leant while travelling.

To satisfy both extremes.

To welcome each end of the spectrum.

It can be dangerous to sit in only one end of any spectrum. (For this post I’m talking slow and fast.)

Present. Noticing. Observing. Feeling.

Slow and fast intertwined can be a good balance for calm. They keep the eyes I see both myself and the world with – a little more honest.

Our fire (spark) and gentle will come from different sources, of course, our lives are different. While some need to dip into slow I need to find the right way to dip into a little fast (mindfully). Personalities differ, wiring is different yet the need for internal peace – universal. 

Presence encourages the opportunities to make the necessary adjustments when the seasons change. 

Or, if I’m becoming too presumptuous about life and others by sitting in only one spectrum, one lane – altering my tempo will wake me up.

I can only feel, taste and see a season – not think it (thinking comes after the feelings for me).

Presence in what I do and feel. Trusting timing with patience. This is my way of living slowly.



P. s. I am back into my book writing after a small break to ponder, there have been some great conversations, heart felt and synchronous moments. I’ve been reminded of the gentle art of patience and the importance of my own way of doing things. 

Pondering has brought me back to my heart space. A little pocket of quiet that allowed me enough presence to listen and release myself of expectations and some of the noise that had been bothering me.

Slow writing, no time limits, no set days to publish on the blog…just my own rhythm. The leaves are falling here as the Autumn blows in…it’s quite a beautiful season to cycle through life and to pull the shutters down just a little (literally and metaphorically) in preparation for the winter – the time to close in.









4 thoughts on “Embracing…

  1. Hi Fran,

    Time, oh how I love time. That is a treasure and what helps me keep sane. Peaceful silence is a close second. Give me time and I will end up in peaceful silence – usually doing something of course, reading, writing, quilting, biking, walking. Restorative. Glad your break time was restorative as well! It helps to set things aside and put them back in perspective.

    Trust timing – I’m learning this one. To often I want to interject. Learning at the old age I am to sit back, not get upset if something doesn’t happen. Not perfect at it, but trying. You have this better than I do. Keep guiding me 🙂

    xx Lisa

    Liked by 1 person

    • We all have our challenges don’t we? if it makes you feel better patience is also something I have had to learn (work on). Less commitments and expectations though definitely helps with this. The more people in your life expecting things from you the harder it is. I have to be very careful to protect the solitude otherwise guaranteed the patience will suffer!


  2. Time, it’s the real currency of life.
    Patience oh what a challenge that can be.
    Cheers Kate

    Liked by 1 person

    • Love that Kate. Yes, time truly is the real currency of life. I’m trying very hard at the moment to value it as currency. Looking at it through different eyes sometimes. How I use it, knowing it will pass, ensuring that it isn’t taken for granted, that I honour it by not wasting it.

      Aaah patience – yes a great challenge and a great gift.

      F x


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