A smile here, a kind word there…

It’s a great privilege to be alive, to feel alive:

To give a smile.

To receive a smile.

To share kind words.

To notice the air we breath, is it cool and delightfully crisp, as mine is now?

To give yourself enough quiet to unstick feelings of discomfort.

To hear the dogs bark, the roosters crow, the birds chirp, again me, this moment now.

To have people in your life who remind you to appreciate what’s real because they do.

To know when you have and have had enough.

To feel freedom because you’re aligning with your values.

To remember to call your niece on her birthday.

To let go of perfection.

To accept compromise when necessary but not as an excuse.

To taste food made with love.

To sip a good cuppa.

To notice and feel the natural world no matter where your day happens.

To make great gestures of big love without expectation.

To not want to be someone else just the best version of yourself.

To be moving forward with curiosity.

To say no with confidence.

To say yes with confidence.

To read a book that warms your heart.

To have the deepest of conversations where your soul is bared.

To be someone a soul can be bared to.

To know there is value in experiencing all moods.

To experience the seasons.

To access water from a tap.

To appreciate when to let go and release. Exhale.

To have a warm bed.

To know the pure enjoyment of the humble shower.

To live a creatively.

To have choice.

To relish in the wonder of a meaningful, evolving life.

To click publish.


To those of you who visit here, thank you. 




4 thoughts on “A smile here, a kind word there…

  1. Wonderful words Fran..I keep re-reading it!!
    Gratitude is everything..and wonder..and joy..and hope.
    You have it all, in spades 🙂
    ..keep hitting Publish
    Love Janet


    • You give the best hugs Janet, that’s a beautiful one right there 👆🏼. Thank you. Glad to share little pieces of life with you. x


  2. Water from a tap, a warm bed, yes. A week of winter bush camping (with frost) and we missed these. Also we realised our Black Wolf -10oC sleeping bags didn’t cut it and I didn’t realise how closely you are able to sleep together when survival depends on it….


    • Yes! Our -9 up on the pass at The Pyrenees was toasty all snuggled together. But seriously how good is a shower when you get home 😆. Live that you’re out bush camping. Hope the sabbatical is heading where it needs to. x

      Liked by 1 person

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