The Holy Grail…



“Let yourself gravitate to the writers who attract you, pull you in, because their work is showing you something of yourself. Let yourself imitate them, until you notice those spaces where you can’t help but do something different. In those spaces, you start to make your own voice.” – The fabulous Justine Must.

That is conscious consuming right there. For me it’s a pull towards the voices of brave, honest women sharing their stories and seeking their truths. Women who want to make a difference be it food, environment, each other, lifestyle, travel, adventure all while choosing their own path and using their hearts. Living creatively.

Writing, well that’s conscious contributing, to yourself, the people in your life, those who read your words and one day if you keep at it, to what matters. All the voices count.

Today I took another step towards finding my voice and contributing to a conversation that I think matters.

I’m going to quote myself here.

“Adventure with kids is about having fun, stepping out of the routine, [developing skills] and spending time together. It’s about instilling a lifelong passion for the outdoors and the real world while creating an opportunity to experience quiet and stillness in their increasingly busy lives”

Yep sounds like me right! You can find the entire article over at She Went Wild (link below) where I’m a contributor on adventuring with kids using our real life adventures as inspiration.

The holy grail to me is not only finding my voice but the everyday moments towards become a contributor rather than a consumer.

My voice on She Went Wild:

An oldie, but a goodie.
I been high and I been low
But I got nowhere else to go

There’s nowhere else to go







6 thoughts on “The Holy Grail…

  1. I think that’s a fabulous quote and one that everyone needs reminding of.
    Here’s to those everyday moments that help create a solid heard voice in a world of noisy conversations.


    • Thank you Brydie for the fierce conversations that fire up my creativity and passion! When I first stumbled on your blog I was pulled in, you have an inspiring voice.

      F x


  2. Beautiful Fran and just read your article …so well written and full of good tips and ideas . Easy to take for granted our beautful outdoor childhoods and not pass it on . How’s this .. I don’t ever remember playing indoors . Not one memory ! I’d love to write something too on the enormous positives of kids spending time with animals ( domestic pets , farm animals and wildlife… all animals , any animals . The things animals can teach kids about love, caring, connections, life cycle, compassion,, beauty ,spontaneity , getting along, resourcefulness., harmony with nature …..the list is endless …. ha ha maybe you have inspired me to do this!
    Well done you. ! I am one proud friend
    Much love


    • My Dear Friend Sue!

      YES! You really should, you have so many beautiful thoughts to share. I love listening to your views on mothering, midwifery, the environment and I love your passion for animals. I’d love to read your writing and I know you’d resonate with many.

      I don’t really have indoor memories either. Oh wait, maybe playing shops and schools 🙂 The outdoor ones are so vivid and the feelings that come with those memories are all good.

      A lot has happened this few weeks with writing and photos…but they’ve been in process for a long time. So touched that you are here encouraging and sharing with me.

      Fran x


  3. Hi Fran,

    Your writing is so motivating, and guest posting on She Went Wild – fantastic for you! Who would have thought when you started your first blog that you would be doing this – the adventure, the writing, everything. You mentioned once that your last blog was deleted and gone – did you save any of your posts? My blog reader still has them going back to June 2015 if you would like them 🙂



    • Hello Lovely Lisa,

      I know it’s crazy right! It’s been such an incredible ride. It really is about starting where you are isn’t it and quietly just pugging away. Gosh if I think back to day one and where I was when I started to blog and the journey it’s taken me on. It always comes back to just writing my story (mostly for me) and along the way the most incredible people have come into my life. I am still so happy that I spend an afternoon with Michelle. It was such a pleasure.

      My old posts, that is so kind of you. I think I do have all the writing saved but what a beautifully generous offer, thank you. So glad we connected back then and super glad your still here. Yay, your summer is on the way.

      Fran x


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