“Don’t allow your mind to tell you heart what to do, the mind gives up easily.” – Paulo Coelho

It has been a heart spacey kind of week and it’s only Tuesday!

My daughter and I attended the She Went Wild and Travel Play Live Magazine expo on Sunday. She had been at a friends and really wasn’t that interested but I really wanted to hear Caro of Lots of Fresh Air speak and I thought it would be good for Zoë, I am all about positive role models.

After first turing up at Bourke Street not Bourke road we ubered down to make it to the end of Caro’s speech, ooops.

The expo blew my mind, there was an energy there that I’m not sure I’ve experienced. I’ve seen people write about the power of the women’s collective and the community I find myself in on Instagram definitely has it.

It’s a positive energy of respect, understanding, gratitude, motivation, acceptance, and inspiration. I definitely felt like I had found my tribe. Women who live life as an adventure and who want to grow, challenge themselves and make choices that matter. LIVING.

What I didn’t expect was the effect it would have on my 10 year old daughter. She met some strong women, athletes, adventure company runners, magazine editors, rock climbers, so many nice kind people but there was one that sparked something, Morgan Koegel, the 25 year old CEO of One Girl Charity.

Last night Zoë was devouring everything she could learn about one girl and watching her friend in the Tsuno advertisement that was released yesterday (linked to the top of post). We had a chat about maybe doing a fundraiser at school to raise money, and her answer, an emphatic YES.

A letter was written, ideas were discussed, a friend was enlisted and this morning Zoë nervously waited with her folder and ideas to see the principal and to ask if she could run a school fundraiser.

This morning she also announced that a professional soccer player was going to be her back up plan now, she wanted to become the CEO of One Girl.

My heart is bursting. There is no expectation of smashing fundraising records and the plan will stay simple.

Maybe visiting each classes to talk about the charity, asking the kids to put their Messina ice cream money in, or asking parents to put their weekly coffee money in. A lunchtime table to raise awareness and talk to the students about One Girl.

For me the success is in the action, taking on the challenge, using her privilege and sharing it so that other girls can have what she has, an education.

While I lurk in the background she and her friends will put together the posters and information, plan for and do the talks. It is their story.

A story born of connection to the those of the girls in Sierra Leone, who need some help from these girls to change their story.






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