This month has been a month of letting go.

Gently working through all of our things to either sell, donate or put in the pack for Europe.

Cathartic, yes.

Quiet, also yes.

That is how I like to potter, reflectively and quietly.

I can’t think in the rush and the noise.

Calm over stress, always.

It suits me being introverted.

I also finally got around to listening to Susan Cain’s TED talk, The Power of Introverts.

As the mother of introverted children and the wife of an introverted man, excellent listening.

I have finally downloaded Susan’s book Quiet – The power of introverts in a world that can’t stop talking and am looking forward to reading it.

Next week we ship what we are keeping to Europe and move with a suitcase each into a furnished city apartment for the next 3 months.

I’m looking forward to some wandering, photo taking, reading and hopefully some more writing.

But first the school holidays which may not be such a quiet affair. 





4 thoughts on “Quiet…

  1. Susan Cain opened a completely different door for me. Completely.
    (and hello fellow introvert 🙂


    • Why hello! And are you also left handed?

      Understanding and accepting being an introvert has completely changed me over the past year. It’s given me a confidence to know what I need, I don’t feel guilty about saying no because I need quiet, you know?

      I’m still reading, the holidays happened 😉


      • Yup, that’s completely how I feel too. I kind of wish it hadn’t taken so long to understand it, but jeez I’m glad it has been now and not in another 20 years. The good thing about our understanding is that we can teach our kids if that’s how they are feeling, you know what this is all ok. Absolutely ok.

        And nope not a lefty…unless in politics 🙂


  2. So so true and I have, my parenting is a little more informed and gentler.

    He he, gee I would have never guessed that!

    The left lefty. 😉


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