Just by half…


When I talk to people about reducing the kid’s toys mostly they’re suspicious.

They wonder how the kids cope without many toys or if they mind me decluttering them.
It’s been a slow process and honestly, they don’t notice.

And here’s the thing….they just make their own!

IMG_9974                                             IMG_9988

Last week this little guy decided to draw some design and make some toys, he made a door! (He had a little help.) It kept him engaged all weekend writing, drawing and practicing his skills.

I really believe that the less they have to play with the longer they play. They tend to build and create a story rather than moving from one thing to another.

Today I set about reducing our 5 ‘special boxes’. There is one for everyone, they contain special letters, birthday cards, and little keepsakes.


And here they are now, 5 compact envelopes, reduced from the 5 big clunky boxes that took up the base of the wardrobe.

They are minus the pregnancy tests and umbilical cord clamps which for some sentimental reason I was still holding on to!

I’m not sure the kids need every birthday card from every year of their life but I guess maybe we could make a collage or add them to a craft box in the near future, I’ll let them decide.


The little guy made a train with the now empty boxes and has been playing with it all day!


I also tackled the cars, I just halved them.

I ‘ll donate this lot with the bag of toys that I’ve had in the boot of the car for 2 weeks that nobody has missed.


This smaller manageable amount is what’s left to play with.

Mostly I donate toys but the bigger ones are easy to pass on to a new family.

I use gumtree and offer them free for pick up, mostly they are picked up within a day or two. I think there are facebook groups but I’m a non-facebooker.

I am thrilled that this little kitchen and all its utensils, as well as this car, are now in a new home rather than landfill. We saved this car from a hard rubbish collection 5 years ago.

The big difference for us is that we don’t re-clutter. The children do receive gifts but we are a lot more mindful about what comes in.

So there is a reason for this major offloading of stuff…stay tuned, some news is coming. Unless you follow me on Instagram then you’ll know 🙈😝.

I’ll leave you today with this one that I love from no side bar another of my favourite Instagram accounts.





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