Little things…



Oh how I love little things.

I simplify in steps, small steps and it’s pretty darn good when those steps add up to giant strides. These past few weeks I’ve been simplifying just a little more, mostly with stuff.

Less stuff means less and less of those little jobs can hide. There is still the box of photos to sort and the baby albums that need creating but I’m getting closer…there’s not a lot in the way now. Most of the storage cupboards and shelves are empty.


I started a blanket for my new nephew a month or so ago and finally after having to order in some extra wool it’s finished, ready to send…and before winter, BONUS.

It’s been a while since I made a gift and I like the feeling. Of course, my kids all want one now ;).


While sorting through my stationary shelf I found a card I’d bought for a beautiful friend.

The thoughts and feelings I have for her are now words and I love her just a little more, if that’s even possible.


I decluttered a lot of toys this past fortnight and I mended a few that we love. There’s nothing left that needs fixing. Yes, that my friends is also a very nice feeling.


It’s my year of buying nothing new. I did buy a cardigan in Melbourne last month and a dress with some birthday money. I’m fine with having bought myself something because it was cold and I minimised my wardrobe during the summer! But mostly because I’m not buying on impulse and I can easily just say no. I can stare down the consumer beast.

I will write more about this, but for now I’m still living and noticing how buying nothing new is affecting me.

In the meantime I’m enjoying noticing moments and when I’m lucky, capturing them. SPLASH!


Most days I notice beauty but sometimes I get really lucky and I find the sweetest of things.

A-ha, a lemon tree is the perfect place to think. Gosh I love this about my girl, always creating, be it things, spaces, food, potions, words and often mess (don’t love that so much but I appreciate it’s part of her creative process).


I did have a goal of starting a garden this year after my organic gardening course and it’s really a special little place.

During the summer and the autumn I was in there a lot but winter not so much. I did spent a few moments out there yesterday and I am quite in love with the stories of my garden. Produce and lessons I expected but the stories connected to people not so much. Reflecting on where the plants had came from and who had influenced and taught me made my heart burst, truly.

I’m beginning to notice that people are starting to anticipate and wish for the Spring…not me, for the first time in my life I’m loving the winter. I think it’s here to stay for a while anyhow.

I did like this quote from @downtoearthsimpleliving when I read it, it’s been on my mind and in my conversations this week so I’m going to leave you with that.

IMG_0079 (1)








2 thoughts on “Little things…

  1. Lovely granny blanket!


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