Breathing out the stuff…


A few days home from our road trip and slowly things are getting back to zero.

The starter’s been fed and the process of sourdough begins.

The milk kefir grains are working their special magic, oooh I missed my morning milky good bugs.

The children have returned to school and I have time to ponder, quiet time I treasure.

Slowly, slowly, always slowly.

Still many things to do but with enough time to enjoy each day and enough white space to ensure a little clarity.

I’m better at that now, pulling back if I start moving too far forward. My tendency is to think ahead…

Keeping things simple helps.


Hands in food in the kitchen, cracking open some homemade kraut.

A fridge full of real food with the promise of meals, healthy, tasty yummy meals. After some shortcuts while travelling.


Laughs around the table after school while enjoying baked yummies.

Dropping a term of swimming lessons without feeling guilty because it’s winter and we skip it so often anyhow.


Enjoying friends old and new.

Sometimes it’s a little isolating when you think a little differently to everyone in the street. Nice chats but not those heart space kind of connections.

Thankfully, there is an online space to connect with people who travel in this sphere.

Practicing kindness on a small scale every day.

I think kindness is a simple thing and often forgotten when there is rush.

Practicing kindness keeps me present and reminds me of what matters.

Stopping to chat with an elderly neighbour who’s sweeping their nature strip, a smile, baking a cake for someone who needs it, a bag of lemons collected for a fellow lemon lover, a thank you wave for kindness shown on the road, acknowledging someone’s contribution to your life, you know, simple little things.


It’s cold here today, and there are bricklayers next door they’re about to get a plate of choc chip cookies from the oven for morning tea. 

A small act of kindness that will hopefully bring an extra smile.

I have a lot going on in my life and of course there are grander acts of kindness but for now, my acts are small and local.

And pondering, always pondering I am.

I’ve been breathing out stuff for a few years now…by breathing I mean selling, donating, digitising, scanning and as a last resort trashing.

Whenever we go away we need so very little to be happy and contented.

A deck of cards, a lunchbox of lego, some pencils and paper…a book to read. The closer we are to nature we need even less.

Maybe, that’s all my kids need in their everyday life:

  • A deck of cards
  • Lego
  • Books
  • Stationary supplies

I wonder.

Well bikes, a trumpet, a soccer ball or whatever interests them in that way.

After being away I always begin to question a new base of stuff. What have I previously not been able to part with that we don’t need?

In the past two years, of the hundreds, probably thousands of items that have left the house nothing has been missed, nope, not one thing.

So I start again:

  • A bedside table, a chair and lamp have been sold. This means the spare room is just that. Simply, a spare room with a bed.
  • Yesterday the items were advertised, today there is $70 in front of me. There is nothing new to buy. Well, maybe some soap from Church Farm General Store because I’ve been admiring their passion and commitment to sustainability and self-sufficiency for a while. It’s time to switch from plastic soap bottles to real home made soap and support a local crafter. 
  • All the clothes that go back into the kids wardrobes will be carefully considered…there are many unworn items, even in their minimalist wardrobes.
  • The kids play table…maybe that will go, they usually perch on the floor or the kitchen table and I like that.
  • The last of the plastic toys, the big bucket of fake food…the kids like playing with real food, homemade play dough and kitchen utensils anyhow.
  • And, jewellery…I only wear so very few pieces. Time breathe and tackle this.

I don’t declutter for the sake of it, I declutter to free us of stuff. 

A freedom of stuff encourages more creative play, more adventures, it moves us further away from consumerism, it’s better for the environment and it’s less stressful (less to clean and manage).

Less stuff is also making us feel a transportable sense of freedom…that off the grid motorhome trip in Europe, it’s still calling…


Corla @thelittlethings_love

IMG_9680 (1)










2 thoughts on “Breathing out the stuff…

  1. Hi Fran,

    It seems like we are on the same wavelength again 🙂 Earlier this week I was remembering our vacation to Tennessee last summer. During that trip, we rented a vacation home. While we were there, I started to take note of how little we really needed. The only thing I missed in that house compared to ours was a hook in the bathroom to hang my clothes on. Kuddos to you for providing lots of wonderful experiences for your kids so that they don’t need many toys. Your activities are keeping them happy and content, as well as showing them another way to live that is much more healthy!


    • Hey Lisa,

      I think journey to simplicity has many common threads and lessons. How often I read something and think oh wow I just thought that or noticed that! I remember when I though wow I have to say no to somethings to say yes to others….I thought it was an amazing original thought, ha ha. I guess it was my original thought at the time but it seems it is a lesson in simplicity that most people also learn and write about 😉

      Thanks for your thoughts as always.
      Fran x


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