Thinking function…


“For the longest time I thought I needed to be more organised. Now I know I just needed less stuff.”  – Alysa Bajenaru via nosidebar

Since decluttering my pantry last week, the bug is back…

One of the big things I do when I declutter is rather than keeping storage, I declutter that too.

Plastic boxes, shelves, drawers, coat hangers once empty are de-owned.

When I started this mission to be a little more minimalist I soon realised that the more I sold, donated, recycled and binned the less we truly needed.

It took a year to really reduce our possessions (over 1/2).

Less stuff has rewarded us with more calm, clarity and freedom in our family life.

Less stuff also means less tidying and cleaning, which in itself makes it worthwhile.

Clear spaces and shelves in our home have given me ‘headspace’ that has allowed me to focus on what is important.

I am not busy maintaining, storing or sorting stuff, my time is spent doing interesting things. I hike more, hug more, read more, make more, travel more and practice photography most days.

Slowly, I have become a little braver and confident about being different to others and sharing those thoughts.

My children seem to be thriving with less, they create and play more.

As a family we are more connected – time is the giver of that gift.

This week I decided to have a think about the function of each piece of furniture in our home with a functional perspective.

There is the beautiful Danish cabinet in my room that even with its empty drawers is functional, we love to look at it.

There were a few pieces of furniture that actually didn’t serve a necessary function either practically or aesthetically.

They will be de-owned! Let me explain:


  • The living area had a coffee table and a small kids table. My husband has never loved the coffee table and as a coffee table it is not super functional, perhaps we don’t need it?

  • I moved the kids play table in place of the coffee table, they take it over anyhow 😉


  • Upstairs there are 2 desks, one in my children’s room and one with our computer in the spare room. Neither is used often, we tend to sit at the dining table
  • I moved the children’s desk down in place of the kids table and put our computer on it. I preferred this desk of the two with its map of the world, more dreaming.
  • Having my workspace in the living area has meant more writing and I have been digitising cd’s throughout the day. Each time I pass by I load another one…so much more functional.


  • Instead of two tables and two desks we are now down to 1 of each and with greater function.
  • Two more empty spaces in the house, more room to dream.
  • Less stuff, more freedom.
  • Our family is just a little less constrained by possessions.

And yet another cascade slowly begins, the stool that was the desk chair now becomes a bedside table and the chair that functioned as said table will also be sold…..

Some of my favourite inspirational writers who talk about ‘less stuff’ that I refer regularly to are:

Becoming Minimalist

Slow your home

The Minimalists

Sarah Wilson

Be more with less

Inked in colour

365 Less Things

Decluttering the stuff (Listing it as they go, I love a story.)

Simplicity always surprises me. The more you practice it, the easier it becomes. Little steps each day with the right intention certainly lead to incredible shifts over time.

I am making bread, really bread, I never would have predicted that…

I’m glad I gave myself the chance to step back, slow down, simplify and discover that there is a whole world of simple pleasures and interests that I didn’t even know I had.

And an amazing community of people with really cool stuff to say and share.















2 thoughts on “Thinking function…

  1. Isn’t physical space wonderful! It is so calming and yes, truly opens time and mental space in your life. I too have been re-evaluating our bedroom furniture. A rocker purchased to rock babies is on our list to go. Over the past year, I have reduced my wardrobe considerably and now almost can get rid of a dresser. That will be my next goal. Less is so much more!


  2. Hi there Lisa,

    Oh yes it’s wonderful!

    I have been truly amazed at what flows once you create space in your life.

    The baby stuff is hard but once you start letting go it’s nice to know it will have another life.

    How good is a reduced wardrobe? It has made my life so simple! There is always something to wear and I actually wear everything in my wardrobe. Keep going, dresser needs to go 😉

    Fran x


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