The clutter and me…

IMG_8288 (1)

I took this picture yesterday (warning: don’t look that close).

I was in my heart space, completely and utterly.

My little garden had given me the inspiration for the day.

I’d managed to read a little, a new meal was on the stove with beans from the garden and my parenting was gentle.

The day was calm and I was feeling the kind of gratitude that I want to feel in my days.

I’d found these little alphabet pasta letters in the pantry and the boys were making a postcard, colour was called for so we added lentils.

As I was pottering around the kitchen, in a world of bliss, thinking there is nowhere else I’d rather be, the littlest guy says…”MUM! there are slugs in the letters”. 

“WHAT” – and “yes, there are definitely slugs in the pasta”, at first I thought oh god they’re maggots.

But then I recalled seeing the odd tiny moth about. A quick google search revealed that we did in fact, have a ‘Pantry Moth Infestation’. 

It was on! My mission to rid the pantry of these beasties.

Secretly it made me quite happy. Pulling everything out, sorting, culling, cleaning.

It reminded me of last year. I spent 2015 decluttering. I removed over half of our possessions by either trashing, donating, recycling or selling them and I loved it, that’s my simplicity strength – less stuff! Oh and slow, I’m pretty good at that too.

Every single thing in our house was up for removal, well except the kids and the husband…although he came close sometimes. Joking, don’t worry, well kind of, he’s improving, he does finally use shopping bags rather bring home new plastic bags.

I digress, the cleaning took me last night and today…there was a trip to Ikea for glassware (that’s another story, it’s my year of buying nothing new) and before I knew it no cupboard was safe.

The entire kitchen has now been decluttered, again, and will you look at that pantry…organised hey?

Gosh, I’m good at decluttering. I’ve read everything written about it, I wrote about it and if you ask I’ll talk to you about it.

In my mind, I was planning to declutter every cupboard in the house again and I’d write a how to guide.

In fact, I think I came up here, upstairs to my computer, thinking I’d start telling you how to declutter.

In the midst of the decluttering I logged back onto Instagram after declaring to the world, well my tiny Instagram world that I was out for a bit.




OLD habits die hard.

I’d been mindlessly flicking/liking on Instagram this morning and I realised, that this is not where I want to be, somehow I was losing my intention, oh no, where was my heart space? So I came to try and write something.

I started doubting my myself and wondering if I was being completely ridiculous this whole gentle intention thing?

Luckily, I had a quick look on my favourite account and of course, it was just what I needed. Tricia had quoted a passage from a book she was reading:

“We need more rambling, daydreaming, thinking, perusing , being, looking, existing, allowing , ambling , opening, listening, because it teaches us what we are capable of.

The nomadic tendency of wandering allows us to take pause, to consider what is really necessary, what is important for living well.” From the Wander Society by Keri Smith.

I came to write that ‘how to…’ and a switch flicked…more rambling, daydreaming, thinking….

How easy it was for me to fall into the easy pattern of decluttering and organising, and swiftly pop back online to share a little piece of joy from my day only to follow up with an hour of mindless flicking.

I know there’s nothing wrong with sharing joy, I love that about Instagram and I love the people I have met and their photos and words that inspire me. It’s just that it’s a bit crowded online sometimes.

When I feel overwhelmed with the online world I need to take a break. Otherwise, it takes me away from doing the things that I really intend to do. I forget to be creative and show up and be brave and without fear. (I think that’s a mix of Elizabeth Gilbert/Brené Brown.)

Maybe I have been inspired by Gretchen Rubin’s ‘The Happiness Project’ more than I realise, maybe my own little layered project is forming in my mind.

Gretchen talks about already being happy but wondering if she could be happier. I feel the same, I love my life. I have discovered more life by wanting less and more of the life I want.

A life where creativity and kindness are more important than competition and judgement, where connection is with people not things and where sustainability matters.

It’s still about seeking simplicity but this part of the journey is not as simple for me to get to. I need to really learn to live with intention.

That feels good, back in the heart space, now back to creating the simple life that fits my family.


My family descending from the Mt Kosciusko Summit earlier this year.








It’s good to plateau and sit where you are for a bit, but when the signs start showing you that it’s time to grow again I think you have to follow them and wander…

Oh and if any of you have Pantry Moth Infestation, if that’s how you landed here – Here’s how to deal with it, naturally. 😉

  1. Everything comes out.
  2. All the shelves, walls need to be scrubbed with soapy water. I also used my orange spray. (If the shelves come out all the better, remove and clean).
  3. Vacuum all the crevices and corners of the shelves.
  4. I then used white vinegar to wipe it all down.
  5. Anything obviously infested was binned, outside of the house.
  6. All the jars were wiped down and everything was washed before being returned to the pantry. No boxes, they hide in those!




One thought on “The clutter and me…

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