On Intention…


The thing I love about writing is the chance to reflect on thoughts and the ability to mind dump the busyness of my mind.

When I’m in a reflective space I think a lot. Writing is one way that helps me to tie it all together and find a more logical path through my thoughts. 

 After a bit of a mind dump last night it’s suddenly clearer this morning. Isn’t it always the way when you ‘sleep on something’. 

So this intentional living doesn’t have to be all or nothing right? I just need to be clear about what it is that I’m trying to achieve. I don’t have to ban Instagram or chocolate I just need to be intentional with it.

A little list of where I want to get more intentional in my days:

Sustainability: Are my decisions green flavoured?

Kindness: Are my actions and conversations coming from kindness and calm?

Read: Have I read something of value today? 

Food: Where is it from? How was it grown? What’s happening in the kitchen? What’s growing?

Creativity: Is our home, our life about creating? 

Captures: Did I capture beauty through the lens today? 

Writing: What am I thinking? Jot something down, even a sentence.

Connect: Am I really listening, talking and appreciating those around me.

GENTLY: Rome wasn’t built in a day. Life long habits need to be practiced over time.

I’ll also keep up the habits I worked on last year to want less, to keep it simple, to wander outdoors and to consume considerately.

Some days we will eat pizza from a box or Thai from a plastic container, I’m sure ! I’ll still drink beer with said pizza and Thai, the kids will sometimes watch too much tv. But that’s all fine, as are dirty floors. It’s all about balance.

An app can be uploaded and deleted it in a matter of minutes. In the past when I have found myself using Instagram a little mindlessly I take a break. I always come back clearer, declutter accounts that aren’t working for me and I definitely find it less tempting to look at is as often.

It’s enough time to share a photo, get some inspiration and to check in with friends, old and new. Intentional use of time, check. Sounds so simple, really doesn’t it 😉

A more authentic life is not about doing without, it’s about doing more of what sparks joy and feeling good about your actions.

Aaah best I get started! A little intentional thought about how I can inspire some creativity and connection in our home.

The dining room table is now an invitation to create and share (see top picture). Thoughts, words, pictures, scribbles, ideas no matter how big or small. And for sure, food!

I started with BIG LOVE and I notice already that my son has drawn the Snowy Mountains…he says that’s because I love mountains, aaah that is big love right there.


Dream Room

Explore, Create, Visualise, Play.

You provide the needle we’ll provide the hay.

This is the place where visions are formed.

Where things become clear and brains are stormed.

Build up the pieces to see the big picture.

Or sit back, relax and let an idea hit ya.

Patterns and clues, sights and sounds.

Dreams can come true – here at the grounds.


A little gentle intentional is all it takes to feel some big love, wishing you big love in your day.






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