The sweetness of…


A day with only one committed hour.

Little (and big) people singing to themselves, lost, exactly where they should be, in play, in thought.

A fresh loaf of sough dough with the most delicious lashing of real butter.

A freshly brewed coffee, shared, sitting with my love, talking, and not talking.

Taking the time to read an extra book to the littlest.

Random hugs, couch snuggles.

Giving my boy an extra hug, 12 can be confusing, hugs show him he’s not alone, I‘m right here.

My first perfect brew of lemon and ginger water kafir to share over dinner.

Finding yourself in the most creative of spaces and loving where it’s taking you.

Having the time to completely surrender to that space.

The freshest of produce in the fridge, to be cooked and shared over this slow weekend.

Right here, right now.


When a little project coming to fruition…

Brewed Orange Peel and Vinegar Household Cleaner:

During the orange season, @triciaeco on her Instagram account got me jarring up my orange peels to brew with vinegar. (BTW – if you don’t follow her, you should – gosh she is wise. My absolute #reallifehowtolivesimply mentor, her gentle sharing of how her family walks the real walk has taught and inspired me beyond any words I could ever write to acknowledge this).

My brew hid away in the depths of my laundry cupboard while I used my current shop bought cleaner.

Sarah Wilson once said something along the lines of ‘use what you’ve got first, if you’ve been using it this long, finishing it off won’t hurt you’ – less waste, plus to be honest it’s too hard to do everything at once, one project at a time. I find that’s a better way to change things over the long term. Less overwhelm.

Today I needed some new cleaner, in my laundry cupboard I shopped. My brew was strained into the old bottle of cleaner. Re-use is better than recycle.

I’m very happy with it (brew time: 3-4 months), it worked well on my benches, table tops as well as the stove and there’s a light vinegary, fruity scent, perfect. Life a little more homespun.

Continuing the cycle:

Today oranges will be used as a sweetener to stew the rhubarb and for afternoon tea, and another brew will be set for the next time I need to shop for household cleaner.

Or, when oranges are abundant many jars could be brewed at once.


Here’s to the sweetness of Saturday wherever you may find yourself.





3 thoughts on “The sweetness of…

  1. You are beautiful my friend.


  2. […] the shelves, walls need to be scrubbed with soapy water. I also used my orange spray. (If the shelves come out all the better, remove and […]


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