Porridge, delicious porridge


The leaves have fallen, the days are shorter, the morning chill requires an extra layer…and yet the sun still shines.

‘Endless Summer’ I’m hearing that a lot. My neighbour calls it an Indian Summer, he says that’s what his grandparents called it (not so PC now).  Shakespeare even referred to it as the ‘All Halloween Summer’.

However you refer to this warm autumn, the winter is coming, I know, I feel it. I’m not sure I did last year, I was a little more pre occupied then. I was learning to slow down but still not quite in the moment.

In my house there’s less daylight, less energy, more sleep required and a yearning to huddle close to home. It feels like a time to create and surround ourselves with warm, winter food.

I’m not a natural cook. To be honest, I can be daunted by cooking, but I’m choosing to show up here. I’m nervous about my kids eating processed foods, even ‘healthy’ supermarket cereals have so many ingredients that I don’t even know how to pronounce.

Just maybe I can slowly create myself a little cook book here. I like recipes, and I love real life stories so here I’m writing a little of both.


Rolled Spelt – I use spelt, an ancient grain, easier to digest and both nuttier and sweeter in flavour.  I opt for an organic spelt, it’s hard to do everything organically but I have recently discovered whole food stores, shop of bulk buying good stuff. I know, where have I been? I bought us a big 5 kg bag.

Whole milk – We use full cream farmers milk here. I have started to care a little more about milk quality, what farm’s does the milk come from? Are the farmers getting a fair price for their milk? How are the cows treated/fed? What happens to the milk? (Side note to self- will research a little more and write about Milk).

Berries – Not seasonal here, these were from my freezer. This morning I bought some fresh rhubarb and apples that I plan to stew and have in the fridge at the ready. I know seasonal is better but I have to cut myself some slack, nothing happens overnight.

Magic ingredient: – I’m making my own milk kefir so a little is added to pack a probiotic punch, good guts for the kids. I’m only learning and playing with ferments so too early to write about this.

Cook: I boil mine up on the stove and add the fruit once it hits the bowls and stir through, it helps to cool it for the kids with an extra drop of milk. If you need a little sweeter, drizzle some honey.

Voila: And there you have it, a simple real food breakfast and you’ll know all the ingredients.

Into winter: I’m easing in, getting up a little earlier to make sure the little bellies are filled with a healthy bowl of porridge.

  • A month supply of oats and pre stewed fruit are how I’m simplifying here, if I have to grab some berries from the freezer, I’m ok with that. You could also freshly chop fruit it there is time.
  • We don’t do TV before school and I’m giving up turning my phone on in the mornings. What in the world am I going to miss by not switching on until after the school run?

Story: This morning one little bear decided he wanted to have his in the car on the way to school. Dilemma: Unfinished breakfast or breakfast in the car and possible (read: definite) spilt porridge?

Reminded myself of gentle intention: I want my kids to have the best possible start to the day and eat good food. Ok, take the porridge. Yes, of course he put the empty container on my bag without.the.lid aaaarrrhhh! Reminded myself again, just breathe, I’m sending him off to school happily knowing that his tummy is full of goodness. Maybe tomorrow he will eat it before we leave 😉 Here’s hoping.


Happy nearly winter mornings and to those of you in the Northern Hemisphere, happy nearly summer mornings.






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