Gentle Intention

Gentle: Calm, kind or soft.

Intention: Something that you want and plan to do.

I like calm. When I’m calm I notice things, ordinary things, little tiny beautiful things and I behave gently.

Kindness rebounds, if we all did one kind thing a day the world would be different. One more smile, one more genuine hello, one more “hey, I made you a batch of cookies”, “hey, how are you, can I help?” or maybe if we chose to not say some things.

I also love soft. I definitely cry. I feel sad when people are embarrassed, sad or hurt. I don’t like injustice and I care how people feel. I like that about myself, feeling is real, and compassion that’s important.

A year or so ago I started to live a little more simply. I simplified our life, our home, our food, our time and I learnt that with a little bit of intention a whole lot of change can happen.


Are we living the perfect simple life? I’ve realised that perfect doesn’t exist and understanding that makes things a whole lot simpler. It’s about finding your own version of a simple life and appreciating both the beauty and the messy.

From where we started a lot has changed and a lot is also the same. There is however,  more connection, more calm, more kindness, we’re greener and there’s a whole lot more fun stuff happening around here. Oh and yes, I’m still soft! But maybe just a little more confident about being soft.

I did blog last year so this is not a new space for me, I’ve since removed that blog, it served it’s purpose.

“As instinctively as the swallows, I have always known the time to go to a place and the time to leave” – Juliette de Bairacli Levy

I love this quote, I’m sure this online space is not what Juliette was referring to but I love the sentiment, there are many a place or relationship we can all leave when it’s time, rather than linger just a little too long.

Can I also use it as a metaphor for habits and attachment to things? I’m sure there are plenty of those we could leave too but maybe I’m pushing it? Yes, I thought so.

It took me a while 2016! But I found a word, gentle. Gently and slowly is how I plan to move, it’s easier that way, it comes from a calm place.

What I need, I already have, and in abundance too. I was reminded of this once by the words of cityhippyfarmgirl . A simple truth that has stuck with me until I was ready to embrace it.

What a gift. I’m not going to regret missing this moment…wishing for the next one, there are things to love, things to learn, things to make and things to give a shit about.

“What we do every day matters more than what we do once in a while.” – Gretchen Rubin

Slowly, calmly, each day, with gentle intention.












4 thoughts on “Gentle Intention

  1. I am so happy to see you back, really looking forward to reading your stories


    • Thank you so much Kizzy! It’s feels good to be back, a little clearer. I’m looking forward to creating myself a picture book here as I walk a little further into simplicity.



  2. I found you – yay!! A little sleuthing through your Instagram 🙂 Thank you for the wonderful comments you left me on my blog! As you could see, it hasn’t been updated in awhile. Life has been happening and I had to learn to live a new way – slow, one thing at a time. The mantra “simple life” is one I say over and over.

    As such, I stopped all social media except email, and reading a few blogs. I was finding it too stressful to maintain my own blog, so it will sit for awhile until I find a the right time and purpose for it. In the meantime, I will add your new blog to my list for sure – it sounds lovely!


    • Lisa, so excited you found me.

      I completely understand stepping out and taking a break. I loved stepping away from the screen for a while. Calm is better so if it’s stressful it’s wise to step back, after all that’s why we are all taking the slow path.

      I did missed the connection though and the story reading and telling. It’s special to share with like minded souls.

      I have to remember to step out when I need too also…my posts are practically writing themselves at the moment, so much to say or process it seems. I need to keep my balance though and keep the slow flow…outdoors for me tomorrow.

      It must be nearly summer for you now, exciting. I loved your sky shots. We are heading into winter but it’s still quite sunny and warm.

      Enjoy just sitting, it’s a nice view to take.



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